Learn a new language using your Kindle e-reader

Here's how it works: read a book in a foreign language on your Kindle e-reader, highlight any words that you don't already know, and our vocabulary builder will help you memorize the new words!

Cloud backup

Go beyond the 2000-word limit of your Kindle

The words you look up are backed up in the cloud.

Automatic flashcard creation

Stop wasting time creating your own flashcards

Your flashcards are automatically created, with definitions, translations, phonetic alphabet and sentences.

Built-in SRS

Memorize the words you don't know, finally

Spaced repetition system (SRS) is one of the most powerful ways of retaining information.
Use the built-in SRS to study and retain the words you look up.

Third-party SRS

Export your flashcards to third-party SRS

Already using an SRS? Export your flashcards to your favorite SRS.

Why would I use this tool?

Your Kindle e-reader is awesome to read books on, especially as a language learner: you can look up definitions of words as you read, just with a simple touch.
It keeps track of the words you look up and creates flashcards for you. That's called the "Vocabulary Builder".

However, your Kindle's built-in vocabulary builder sucks. Here's why:

  • It's not accessible outside your Kindle e-reader (no app nor website that you can access from anywhere).

  • It's not a spaced repetition system (SRS). You either say that you know a flashcard or that you don't. When you say "I know this flashcard", it never comes up again.

  • The flashcards lack important features, such as: sound, image, phonetic alphabet, proper definitions, proper usage sentence.

  • It can only save about 2000 words at a time, so older words get deleted as you look up new ones.

  • It's only backed up on the device (not in the cloud).

  • It doesn't take into account how many times you looked up a word. Words are not presented to you by frequency.

This tool solves all those problems.

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